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Shavon and Tracy share a love no one can deny, and they are surely destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Tracy, an up and coming writer at Classic Magazine, wants to provide for his future with Shavon which means accepting a promotion and moving from Detroit to New York. With success comes sacrifice and unfortunately his family and friends--especially Shavon--get the short end of the stick. So consumed with work and getting his writing career off the ground, he is unaware of the wedge that he has driven between them.

Shavon loves Tracy completely and continues to fulfill her promise of love no matter how bad things seem to be. They had gone through changes before and survived, but this time was different. She needed him now more than ever. In her darkest hour, she faces her pain without him. Will Shavon find it in her heart to forgive and forget? Will Tracy be able to penetrate her unrequited love?


Crystal and Steve shared a special friendship from childhood that one day grew into unadulterated love. Steve was handsome, charismatic and perfect for her. Crystal was every man’s dream and he loved her inside out. They were happy together and life was good. But somewhere in the middle of their undying love, Steve had a change of heart.

He didn’t know, nor could he explain what was happening to him. Meeting Linda changed everything. She was mature, independent and gorgeous. Would Steve be able to resist Linda or would he break the heart of a woman he had loved for what seemed to be an eternity. Would Crystal give her all to fight for their love, or would she let him go?

He made his choice, but was it the right one?


Poetry was my first love. Sometimes, a simple word would inspire me to write a poem. I remember getting inspirations and quickly jotting them down in the dark in a notebook I kept at the head of my bed. This collection is based on life, love and pure emotion. I am sure that you will find a poem or two that will take you back to a nostalgic place in time. This book is available in ebook format only. Please click the link above to purchase on

Deja Meriweather had a good life. She enjoyed having dedicated friends  and a close and loving relationship with her family. She was smart, pretty, popular, happy go lucky and had a great sense of humor.  After attending a party given by one of her best friends, she was raped. Her dream of saving herself until marriage was shattered along with self-confidence and self- esteem. Faced with a dilemma, she made a decision that would further complicate her life. As time passed, she endured failed relationships and sadness. Just when she thought she would never find a true and lasting love, he came to her like a long awaited knight in shining armor. Would he bring her love, or would he unveil the pain that haunted her from her past? Has she finally found her happily ever after, or just another shade of blue.



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